Visitors Centre

Visitors Centre

We host families, birthday parties, couples, groups of tourists and tour groups up to 50 in number. It is possible to host up to 100 individuals if booked in advance.

The duration of the visit is approximately one hour but we recommend planning your visit around an hour and a half.

The winery is open all week, including Friday, the eve of religious holidays and the Sabbath, up until two hours before the holiday or Sabbath begin. On religious holidays and the Sabbath, the winery is closed. The winery is Kosher and comes under the supervision of the Beit Shean Rabbinate.

For visits of groups of 6 or more, please book in advance and for larger groups please contact us the day before your visit, the earlier the better.

While guests are seated at tables, a talk is given on the wine-making process, the history, the customs and pleasure associated with drinking wine. Participate in wine tasting, while enjoying cheese and olives, lemon and crackers, which are all homemade products. After the talk, there is pause for questions and answers. This is followed by a tour of the winery and one may purchase wine and liqueurs, produce of the winery, in the shop on site or alternatively, on our internet site.

A fee is charged to visit the Visitors Centre.

The winery is situated close to the Youth Hostel in Beit Shean. To ensure arrival at the correct destination, type "Weitzman Boutique Winery" into Waze and you will arrive at the entrance to the Winery. A map may be found on this site.


Ben Gurion Street 27,
Beit She'an


Weizmann Boutique Winery Beit She'an






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