Weizmann Boutique Winery

Weizmann Boutique Winery

2000 years ago, in the Roman theatre of the city of Scythopolis, the capital city of the Decapolis, ten ancient cities on both sides of the Jordan River, celebrations and contests took place under the patronage of Dionysus, the God of wine.

This is the Beit Shean of today where, 20 years ago, a warm and friendly, first-rate winery was created. The "Weitzman Boutique Winery" was established in the basement of the family home in Beit Shean. The winery takes the upmost care to use grapes of the highest quality from vineyards on the Golan Heights, the Upper Galilee and the Ella Valley. We are involved in the production process from the pruning and planting stage, irrigation, correct exposure to sunlight, pest control, the ripening of the fruit and optimal harvesting times.

Each bottle from the Weitzman Winery embraces a combination of aromas, flavours, fragrances, colours and a fascinating harmony between the regions of cultivation in this country which, in turn, create a distinct variety of wine.

Each bottle that is opened represents the conclusion of a process. A process which reflects a sensitivity to vinification, to nature, an attention to details, the demanding, yet enjoyable labor, in conjunction with modern technology, integrated with traditional cultivating methods.  But primarily, a love of wine.

Itzchak Weitzman – Founder of the Winery

I do not believe one can produce a quality wine without possessing a love of wine.

The extent of the resources, energy and time required to create a single bottle of wine may only be accomplished due to an exceptional love of wine.

I became acquainted with wine from a young age and recall a bottle of wine was always present at the dinner table. My father, blessed be his name, adopted this aspect of French culture from his work in Morocco where the French ruled at that time.

As a lover and enthusiast of wine, I have taken part in many exhibitions, workshops and tastings in Israel and abroad, mainly in Europe and with friends in France.

I studied oenology, wine science, chemistry and evaluation and visited wineries in Israel and abroad furnished with the "Cellar Master" license.

In 2005, I realised my childhood dream and established my own winery. Since then, I have produced dry red wine, Port, liqueurs from natural fruits only and Arak from grapes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for granting me the ability to work with something I love. To my wife, Yocheved, who supports me physically and emotionally in every aspect that this enterprise entails to make a success of the winery.

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